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Hot Stamp Marking Tape

Detroit Ribbon Corporation is a solutions provider and distributor of Hot Stamp Marking Tape.  We may have the widest range of Hot Stamp Foils, Hot Ink Rolls, Pigmented Foils and Hot Stamp Marking Tape anywhere in the world, with dozens of ink formulations available for virtually all vertical markets, applications, and printers including Taymer, White & Street, Medek, Gnata, and Matthews Marking.

A few of the applications we provide solutions for are:

·         Wire marking

·         Cable marking

·         Pipe marking

·         Flexible packaging


Our hot stamp tape is suitable for XLPE, LDPE, and HDPE (PE) outer sheathing.  We can make our formulations slit to almost any width and length and wound on almost any paper/fiber or plastic core.  Most all of our Hot Stamp and Hot Ink products are custom made-to-order so please tell us about your unique application today.

We can help you:

·         Increase print quality & durability

·         Reduce or eliminate ribbon manufacturing lead times

·         Reduce costs


Detroit Ribbon Corporation

1307 Allen Drive, Suite D, 

Troy, MI  48083

United States

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