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Avery Dennison Monarch ADTP1 / 9800 Series Paxar Printer Ribbons

Detroit Ribbon Corporation manufactures high quality aftermarket thermal transfer ribbons (TTR) for the entire line of Avery Dennison Monarch ADTP1 / ADTP2 / 9800 / 98xx Series Paxar Printers including printer models: ADTP1, ADTP2, ADTP2 EcoCut, 98xx, 9805, 9820, 9825, 9830, 9835, 9840, 9850, 9855, 9856, 9870, etc.  These ribbons have the specialty molded plastic core designed specifically for use in these printers.


Available widths for Monarch ADTP1 / 9800 Series: 55mm, 80mm, 84mm, 110mm and Custom 


Available lengths for Monarch ADTP1 / 9800 Series: 600 meters


Available Printheads for Monarch ADTP1 / 9800 Series


Available BLACK ink formulations for Monarch ADTP1 / 9800 Series:

Resin-Enhanced Wax Range:

D418 Black economy wax

D411 Black standard wax

D413 Black premium resin-enhanced wax (recommended)

Wax/Resin Range:

D610 Black premium wax/resin

D611 Black extra wax/resin

Resin Range:

D710 Black resin

D711 Black durable resin

D712 Black textile ultra durable resin


Available COLORS for Monarch ADTP1 / 9800 Series:

Resin-Enhanced Wax Range:

D414 Light Red

D415 Gold

D416 Green

D417 Dark Blue

Wax/Resin Range:

D612A Dark Red

D612B Light Red

D612C Brown

D612D Green

D612E Dark Green

D612F Blue

D612G Dark Blue

D612H Gray

D612J White

Resin Range:

D710A White

D710B Blue

D710C Red

D710D Green


Please contact us for a quote on any of the above items or choose from the list below of stock products. 


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